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“We Really Are a Family”

“We Really Are a Family”

Anonymous Stories From Employees About Their Experience At Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.


As long awe’re trading family stories  –  In 2007, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer with a survival rate of 50%.  Before I left for surgery, Adam came into my office and told me “Don’t worry about your job – however long it takes to recover, we’re here waiting for you.  Your paycheck will not be interrupted.  And if you don’t make it, I’ll put your daughter through college.”  That’s not a job, that’s family.” – Employee, 2022


“But, more than that, there is a point to be made here. In a normal “job” aannouncement such as I made yesterday would be none of anybody’s business except for a select few. That, however, is not the way Adam has structured this firm. We are genuinely a family—sharing in each other’s joys and woes, binding ourselves together with ties of affection as important as the ties of professionalism. Adam has been terrifically supportive of my family and has, on several occasions, stepped into the breach when things were rough. And when things were wonderful—providing a bus for the firm to attend my wedding to my husband and proposing the toast at the reception.

As to the tough times, even just to cite my son aan example, a number of years ago, in an overloaded hospital, my son was on a gurney in a corridor and Adam stepped into the hospital and poured on the charm as only Adam can pour it. “If the Mayor needed a bed, right now,” Adam said, “you can’t tell me you wouldn’t find one for him. Well, the Mayor DOESN’T need a bed. So, I want that bed for this boy NOW.”

And they complied. I am hardly alone in receiving such treatment from Adam. I know of both promised and actually given support in extreme situations across our roster of “employees,” never treated merely as employees, but as is every one of us were Adam’s blood kin. We should be congratulating OURSELVES on participating in such aatmosphere, fostering it, and extending it. These are tough times in the world, but we really DO have each other to rely upon and it deserves taking a moment to reflect on that.”  – Attorney, 2022


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