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Superior Compensation

  1. No New York law firm matches Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.’s compensation model. Hour by hour we pay more than any other law firm.
  2. Every attorney receives at least one-third of the amount billed and collected.
  3. If the attorney brings in a client, the attorney receives more than one-third of the amount billed.
  4. Every firm attorney knows exactly how much they are being paid without having to wait for their quarterly report to the dollar each day.
  5. No attorney has ever asked for a raise.
  6. No attorney is required to bring in any business.
  7. We have had associates who have made over a million dollars a year.
  8. We traditionally have the lowest turnover rate of any firm. Period.
  9. Our 401k benefits are superb. It is 3% matching if you are with the firm for a minimum of two years as of December 31st each year. The 401K is offered as a 401K or Roth 401K, through the firm’s broker.  
  10. For health benefits, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. covers fifty-five percent (55%) of the premium, and the employee is responsible for forty-five percent (45%).  
  11. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. will cover 100% of the cost of any eye exams for employees and any medically necessary eye care (including updating prescriptions, but excluding Lasik, glasses frames or lenses, contact lenses and other corrective costs) up to a maximum of $1,000 per employee per year. This coverage is only for employees and not for dependents.  
  12. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. will cover 100% of the cost of any medically necessary dental costs, including cleanings, up to a maximum of $2,000 per employee per year.  
  13. Full-time employees can save 25-40% on certain healthcare and dependent care costs.  Employees enrolled in our Flexible Savings Accounts can set aside pre-tax dollars for approved expenses 
  14. Full-time employees can save 25-40% on their commuting expenses including certain parking expenses (but does not include gas, tolls or parking tickets).  
  15. Employees enrolled in our Commuter Benefit Program can set aside up to $270 of their pre-tax income a month for approved commuter expenses. The benefit covers mass transit-subway, bus, ferry light rail, and van pooling.  
  16. Full-time employees are eligible for a subsidized gym membership to Equinox Fitness or any gym of your choice. The firm will generally cover 80% of a basic Equinox Fitness membership.  
  17. We provide in-office manicures and massages to all employees every other Friday.
  18. In addition to the Firm’s holiday schedule (12 PTO days), Employees are given twelve (12) vacation days during their first year, and then earn an additional day off for each additional year of service until a maximum of fifteen (15) days are available.  Employees are also allowed five (5) paid safe and sick days and these can only be used when you or a family member are sick. Employees are entitled to two paid personal days. Personal days can be used to observe holidays, run errands, or take care of any other personal matters. There are no restrictions on the use of personal days. 

How Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Pays More

Although everyone receives a paycheck each pay period, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is the only law firm in New York City that provides an individualized revenue sharing program. Our program allows every attorney at our firm – partners and associates alike – to have the opportunity to be placed among the highest earning attorneys in New York. Rather than by seniority our attorneys’ pay is determined by their diligence and work ethic.

In addition to the revenue sharing program, our attorneys are able to make supplementary revenue based on the amount of business they bring in. When an attorney at any level brings in new business they will receive a percentage of that new business, on top of the compensation revenue program described below.

Here’s how it works: Every attorney at the firm receives one-third of their collected billable time and any attorney who brings in business will receive a higher amount to be negotiated.

The Revenue Sharing Plan offers a competitive compensation system to both all attorneys.  Every attorney receives a third of the hours billed by that attorney that  are collected by the firm (in addition or not including  monies owed to the attorney for introducing the client to the firm.)

Assuming one-third of the cash revenue on billed time is greater than the amount of compensation paid, the difference will be paid to the attorney as a bonus.  No attorney at the firm is required to bring in business.  Neither is there a requirement to bring in business to make partner at the firm.  An attorney’s minimum salary is not disturbed by this bonus opportunity.

For example:

Scenario 1: Assuming a $700/hr billing rate, a senior attorney billing 2,500 hours per year would bill $1.75 million. Assuming a collections rate of 94% (our rate in 2018), the firm would collect $1.645 million ($1.75 million x .94). The attorney would earn one-third of this amount, total compensation of $548,333.

Scenario 2: Assuming the same $700/hr billing rate x 2,000 billed hours per year, total billings would be $1.4 million. Assuming a collections rate of 94%, the firm would collect $1.316 million ($1.4 million x .94). The attorney would earn one-third of this amount, total compensation of $438,667.

Scenario 3: Assuming a $525/hr billing rate for a junior attorney billing 2,000 hours per year, the amount billed would be $1.05 million. Assuming a collections rate of 94%, the firm would collect $987k ($1.05 million x .94). The attorney would earn one-third of this amount, total compensation of $329,000.

These examples demonstrate how our revenue sharing program results in our attorneys receiving higher compensation than most attorneys at other New York law firms, without needing to have a book of business.

For those attorneys who do bring in business the amount of money they receive is increased by the amount of business brought in.

Benefits include: Rolls Royce of Health Insurance, Free Dental Cleanings and Vision Check-ups, Flexible
Spending Accounts, 401(K) matching plan, commuter benefits, and Subsidized Gym Memberships

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