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Vault Verdict

Vault Verdict


Adam Leitman Bailey is a top New York real estate firm, known for its fearsome litigation skills as much as for its ability to get a deal done. A cherished rite of passage for first-year associates is the gift of a new suit when they pass the bar.

Vault Verdict

One thing is for sure: Associates at Adam Leitman Bailey are a satisfied bunch. They feel respected by the partnership and appreciate the firm’s open-door culture. Questions are welcome, and firm hierarchy does not get in the way of collaboration. Attorneys at the firm socialize, but there is also a respect for lawyers’ personal lives. Associates are enthusiastic about their career paths and see futures for themselves at the firm. Associates appreciate the flexibility and autonomy they have—Adam Leitman Bailey’s unique revenue-sharing compensation system gives associates more ownership over their hours. Technology-wise, the firm gets a thumbs-up from associates, who feel the firm provides state-of-the-art tools. Associates are also pleased with the high-level work available.

About the Firm

You might have guessed that Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. was founded by a trio of lawyers, but the three monikers all belong to one man: Adam Leitman Bailey. Bailey still helms the firm he founded two decades ago. Known for their expertise in New York real estate law, the firm’s attorneys regularly represent clients in real estate disputes as well as leasing and property transactions.

Two Decades of Success

At the dawn of the new millennium, Adam Leitman Bailey opened the doors of the firm by bartering legal services to his landlord in exchange for office space. Bailey vowed to only take on business where he believed he could be the best lawyer for the case or deal. Firm lawyers have all adopted Adam Leitman Bailey’s original client service policies—returning every call within 24 hours and using computerized systems to track the status of every case and matter—and sharing each of those updates with the clients.

Real Litigators

While most real estate lawyers focus on transactional work, a good deal of Adam Leitman Bailey attorneys—including Mr. Bailey himself—are courtroom litigators. Firm lawyers have won more than a thousand cases in State, Federal, and Housing court, including more than 250 appellate court cases—many at New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. The firm has won New York City’s largest condo refund ever, the largest government grant for a cooperative in New York history, and the largest settlement in city history for a property casualty lawsuit.  Other firm victories include preventing the eviction of tenants of the largest residential building in Harlem and winning the rights for the developers to proceed with the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Always Be Closing

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.’s expertise goes beyond the courtroom though as firm lawyers participate some of New York’s largest and smallest leasing and property transactions. Leases, purchase agreements, and other documents drafted by the firm have been published as legal forms by a number of publishers. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has represented buyers and sellers in nearly every coop and condo in the city and has worked on the development of projects from 4 to 400 units in size.

Eat What You Kill

Adam Leitman Bailey attorneys can earn significantly more than their BigLaw counterparts thanks to the firm’s unique revenue sharing program. Every attorney in the firm, associates and partners alike, receive at least one third of the collected billable hours. And firm benefits include bi-weekly “Spa Fridays,” when every employee can get a complimentary manicure or massage in their office.

Associate Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Everyone’s doors are always open, and everyone is willing to answer any questions. There is no structured hierarchy.”
  • “I think our firm is well-balanced in that we can all spend time together social, but we all maintain healthy personal and professional boundaries. Lawyers often socialize together to celebrate milestones, events, and birthdays.”

Associate / Partner Relations

  • “Associate and partner relations at the firm are well-balanced and healthy.  All of the Partners I have worked with have treated with me respect and do not make me feel inferior.  They respect my opinion and appreciate my work efforts. There are no formal reviews but rather a 24/7 open door policy wherein if I needed guidance or feedback, all I have to do is ask for it.”


  • “I think the work hours are flexible and the workload is sufficient—sometimes very busy, requiring late nights and work on weekends. But the late nights and weekends of work are not so substantial that I feel like I could be burned out without some kind of a break.”
  • “I am able to work as hard as I need to. We are compensated on the amount of work we get done rather than just an average paycheck, even though we receive one of those every other week as well.”
  • “No [hours] requirement, but 1,600 is recommended.”

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