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“Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. are fighters, and fighters always fight.”

The particular case was quite interesting because of all the players involved.  And it was that I have found a building for sale and it was owned by the Salvation Army, and it was located on 39th Street, the exact address was 145 East 39th Street.

I worked on the transaction with a fellow real estate broker named Herb Hirsch and he had a client, a customer who was an Israeli, who was interested in doing hotel work, and buying a hotel. We offered him a property and we had quite a number of meetings with him on the property.  In fact, I worked with a Japanese real estate broker, a woman, and she was with me on one of the occasions, and she noticed that the buyer came with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend was this very tall, attractive woman, she had a very unusual tattoo around her ankle. And I, of course, wasn’t interested in looking at her ankle, I was interested in looking at the property.  As it turned out later on, when they claimed that they never met me, the attorneys basically said: how come if they never met me, how come you know that this woman has a tattoo around her ankle.  And the attorneys here, prior attorney at Adam Leitman Bailey also looked whenever we deposed this woman and they saw the ankle tattoo which was quite unusual.

In the course of the negotiations I had sent back many letters to the owner’s representative – office proposals, back and forth – and nothing happened. And all of a sudden the phone calls got very quiet and I called up the owner’s representative and I said to them.. say “what’s happening with the building, you know, I have somebody else interested.” And he says “Gosh, you know Mike, the fellas you were dealing with are putting in an offer, are coming to the office in two or three days with a big check and they’re signing a contract. Ooops, gosh, I shouldn’t have told you that.” I went bananas. That information, we knew what we had to do and the owners of Citysites, that’s the company that I had worked for at the time hired a law firm and they started a proceedings with the buyers… now… who signed the contract. Coincidentally, the first person that we showed the property to, turned out to buy the property with this Israeli group, and the attorneys who represented Citysites, that was the former attorneys, would have meetings, constant meetings, and we would have meetings, and at one of the meetings they had decided that they were going to question the broker who I spoke to, represented the owner, and they said to him they would give him a release if we would find out all the information. Obviously, at the meeting, he gave them some information, he was supposed to fill out an affidavit, which he never did, and he was given a release.  At the end of the meeting the two lawyers representing the.. our lawyer, and the other lawyer, representing the building owners rep, hugged each other and they knew each other, and they introduced each other to their lawyers…  And I quite… went ballistic to know that there was a relationship like that which shouldn’t be involved.

This firm, I worked primarily with an attorney and also with John Desiderio, who I’ve known for many years, and who is a senior member of the firm and a good mentor to many of the attorneys that are here.

Obviously, one of the first things that we did was to ask for the notes and each meeting that we had the attorney, the former attorney would prepare detailed notes. Of course, at this last meeting where he gave the release, he said there were no notes then.  In any event, that led us to engage Adam Leitman Bailey which I had wanted to do from day one.  Needless to say, I was quite upset and demanded that we change attorneys, and I know people at Adam Leitman Bailey, and I was able to and have the firm engaged in this matter.

Adam Leitman Bailey has quite a reputation.  Adam is a very… and I know him from the industry for quite a number of years, and I know that he had handled some very difficult cases, and  have a quirky way of approaching things that standard litigation work attorneys, I don’t think have done. I felt that with this particular case, Adam, in fact, when I had my original interview with Adam, and I know Adam doesn’t particularly take this type of cases, said specifically that “these guys did dash to you and I’m gonna dash to them back.”  To me that showed a fighter, and you guys are fighters. Listen, it’s a tough business, and it’s a litigation, and there’s a lot of money involved, and you gotta keep your wits about you.  

The work that was done by Adam Leitman Bailey, in my opinion, is completely fantastic. There was constant preparation, and constant follow-ups. I’ve been in this business for over fifty.. fifty-five years, I’ve had other lawsuits and I’ve dealt with some of the other big law firms, I’ve had my own company for 45 years until I had a serious accident, I had to close my company and I went to work for Citysites and I can only say that the amount of preparation that was done by Adam Leitman Bailey is to be commended. We had many meetings at which time the attorney would bring us up to date. We worked very closely together, and I worked with other big law firms and I never found somebody as so agreeable, as persistent, and thorough as the attorney is.. was .. is. I think he is a tremendous asset for the firm. And as a result, and this was a very difficult brokerage case, lasted –- I don’t know –- six, seven years. I’ve been to court with him many times, I had a very difficult session in front of a judge with the attorney, and the judge tried all kinds of ways to trick me, and to get me to make statements, and I sat there with the attorney and we went through this for at least an hour, a very difficult testimony on my part, it turns, because the judge was trying all kinds of ways to get me to say other things, and it was quite an experience. And quite honestly, with the attorney’s guidance, it turned out to be very, very successful. All I can say is, I’m very pleased.

Words cannot describe their disorder.  And I worked with other big firms, I don’t know if you want me to mention them. They are certainly competitors of yours, and they certainly were not as well prepared me, or not as thorough, and not as detailed as the attorney at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has been.

You can do everything right, get all the documents correct, get all the things that you’re supposed to, and if someone wants to hurt you, they are gonna try to hurt you. So, no matter how much preparation you can do, no matter how many attorneys you can have to prepare the proper documents, for example – brokerage agreements, confidentiality agreements – if somebody is a bada**, and he’s gonna try to hurt you, you gotta be prepared to fight them, and Adam Leitman Bailey is the guys to fight them. Period.

That doesn’t even require an answer, you know the answer is “yes.” I would recommend them for any type… and I have told several people to call them.

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