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“Meeting Adam, He’s Very Inspirational.”

Hi, my name is Dr. Jason Popper. I am a Periodontist and dental implant specialist in Manhattan. I opened my office last June 2017 with the help of Adam Leitman Bailey and his firms attorneys. We are a multi-specialty dental implant provider periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, and implant dentistry being our specialty.

I have been a practicing dentist since 2004. We have a large family practice on Long Island in Melville. I practice with my father who is a periodontist and my sister Melissa who is a prosthodontist and really I always wanted a place that was essentially located in Manhattan by all of the subways and buses so everyone could get to us by mass transportation.

I would have to say my mentors in this endeavor, certainly my family growing up around dentistry; my father helped me tremendously in this project. Meeting Adam and being a long time friend of Adam, he’s been very inspirational. He helped me with my residential purchase of a co-op apartment and now he sent me through this process of opening up an office in the city which I’m greatly excited about.

I first met Adam about six years ago, through our wives who are friends and he helped us initially with our residential co-op and finally a few years later I wanted to open an office in Manhattan. I approached Adam to discuss the process and he really helped me along the way and held my hand along the way to make the process as smooth as it could possibly be.

Adam Leitman Bailey did perform legal work for me. Two times, for two different properties in Manhattan, and one being with his Associate. They both helped me tremendously through this process.

I worked with two attorneys mainly Adam Leitman Bailey and one of his firm’s attorneys who was mostly the quarterback in the closing. Even though we had some trials and tribulations, an aborted closing, tax liens on an old property, everyone stayed calm and cool and collected and were able to get the job done.

It was an interesting process being a dentist, and trying to find a professional space in Manhattan is limited. You really have to look at the intricacies of different buildings where plumbing could be done, where the electric could be done and it takes a team of architects and contractors and attorneys and engineers to really get an office built. We found a space that was previously a dermatologist office; the owner had passed away and there were about 6-700 thousand dollars of liens on the property. The property had been on sale for several years and it was just a difficult transaction. He really took the bull by the horns and wanted to get this deal done and it turns out even at the first closing, we thought we had everything taken care of and the IRS decided to show up and abort the closing. We remained calm, he was fantastic with this process and keeping me calm, and just moving the ship along to finally get another closing done about six weeks later to complete the process.

We had several roadblocks in the closing, one being about 5-6 hundred thousand dollars in estate taxes which were owed to the government prior to the closing. This obviously delayed our closing several months. Finally, we were able to have a closing date and the IRS decided to show up and collect their money. So, we had to abort the closing and he stayed very cool and calm and collected until we were able to get another closing date where the IRS showed back up again. What they required was the seller to pay all of the tax liens prior to the deed being transferred.

The customer service at Adam Leitman Bailey’s law firm is wonderful. I find that the rule of getting back to everyone within 24 hours including weekends really holds true, and I’ve implemented that into my own dental practice as well to try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible, especially within 24 hours.

I was highly impressed with how the firm represented me in all of the proceedings from the initial looking for properties, looking at what properties should be considered. It wasn’t just the legal process, it really was a hand holding process, which took about two years, and they really were there for me every step of the way.

The lawyers at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. absolutely achieved the results we set out to accomplish from the beginning, which was building out a beautiful dental office in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and we were able to accomplish that.

I am happy to recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. for anyone who would need representation in the real estate world. In addition, they were fantastic throughout the process, and I would highly recommend him with his calm, cool, and collective demeanor throughout the entire process.

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