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Commercial Leasing Services

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. represents both landlords and tenants in a full range of leasing and leasing-related matters, ranging from fairly straightforward leases to complex lease and sublease transactions. The firm’s attorneys prepare and negotiate leases for office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, industrial projects, law firms, restaurants, retail and other service establishments, including gyms and spas. In addition to standard gross lease transactions, the firm negotiates many other less common lease transactions, including net leases (third party and intercompany), sale leaseback transactions, including those taking advantage of local industrial development agency benefits, synthetic and other capitalized lease transactions and multi-level subleases. The firm ensures that you are protected throughout the entire leasing process and that at the end of the negotiation you will receive the best possible terms.

The firm’s attorneys have spent years creating what some of its clients call the “killer” lease for property owners. Following court decisions for the last 30 years, the firm’s leases include a vast knowledge of the law and what can and cannot be held enforceable in a court of law. The creativity in our leasing work has led to most of the industry adopting its provisions, including the default clause that allows for faster evictions, evictions for chronic non-payment of rent, as well as means to avoid or deal with the Yellowstone injunction and drafting guarantees. The firm’s leasing representation often begins at the term-sheet stage where the deal is made. With a commitment to the entire deal, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. gets to know the particular needs of its client and negotiate the lease or sublease based on its knowledge of the law and custom it as it best suits those needs. After the lease is signed, the firm assists with all aspects of lease administration, including dispute resolution and tenant exit strategies, such as subletting and assignment.

When representing commercial tenants, the firm attempts to limit overbroad electricity, sub-metering and tax clauses to discover and explain hidden rent revenues buried in the lease and to make any attorney fee provisions reciprocal.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. often advises major trade newsletters, newspapers, and magazines on key commercial leasing issues. The firm’s progressive and creative lease drafting has permitted its clients to maximize their profits. Indeed, the creativity of the firm’s commercial lease drafting has been recognized by one of the leading publishers of legal forms who has purchased the rights to reproduce and sell a lease form that the firm drafted to the public. In addition, Vendome Group, LCC has published a book titled The Insider’s Best Commercial Lease Clauses, which included advice and lease provisions from the nation’s top lease drafters, including those by Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

The firm looks forward to serving you and to protecting your business.

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