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“We were literally saved by Adam and his team.”

“As the owners of a small commercial RE brokerage firm in NYC, we were literally saved by Adam and his team.

Its a classic David vs Goliath story.  As small brokers who transacted a building to a well known Manhattan hotel developer, we were quickly avoided when it came time for our 6 figure commission.  The buyers went through lengths to avoid paying our brokerage fee.  They used several clever and sophisticated tactics to disguise their wrongdoing while comfortably believing we would give up or accept a 75% haircut in services.

Adam Leitman Bailey, upon hearing the story immediately invested his team and time to stand with us.  Anchored by the attorney, their efforts were extensive and exhaustive and they spent more than 6 years in pursuit of fairness.

Through this long process, we took the big shots to the mat and succeeded in getting 7 times what was originally offered to at the start.  It is obviously far in excess of what we had ever imagined.

I am thankful to have had Adam Letiman Bailey’s team with me !

As NYC real estate litigators they are as good as it gets.”

[Client Name]


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