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“We Win the Case and I Feel like I Win the Case Also”

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself? Where you are from and about your business?

I am from Bangladesh and I doing an extra in business right now and you know that’s all about myself.

Could you briefly explain how you know Adam Leitman Bailey and his firm?

I know from ten years from 26 Broadway and I work for somebody at 26 Broadway who brought land from us then we became friends and my personal lawyer.

What were your first impressions?

My first impression….Adam is a very nice guy plus as a lawyer he helped me out for $50,000.00 from one of my closing house so I am very appreciative to him about this man.

Going into the legal aspect, could you explain what he did for you?

For the legal side, I had a closing house he worked for that one and I was buying a store so he helped me out with buying the store as a lawyer and we are still doing business, he is a lawyer, he is my personal lawyer. He did also my two houses closing and we look forward to getting another store by him.

Have you worked with anybody else in the firm or with just Adam?

I worked with Adam personally and I also worked with Mr. Adam Young.

Do you have a favorite memory from working the firm?

I have two memories especially; one is the $750,000.00 – I had a hardship on my financial and I also entered with him… a trial for landlord/tenant and I was with him in the court and we win the case and I feel like I win the case also so this is another memory for me.

Are there any last comments you would like to add before we finish? I wish him all the best. I would like to see him on the top.

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