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Adam Leitman Bailey Named Assistant Adjunct Professor at New York University Where He Teaches Residential and Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law

Course Overview
Examine the array of legal issues that face landlords, agents, property managers, developers and real estate attorneys. Learn how to utilize landlord-tenant laws and agreements to assist in increasing the value of real estate. Understand free market and rent regulated leases and tenancies including rent control, rent stabilization, statutory tenancies and commercial landlord and tenant issues.

Learn how owner’s profit in a complex landlord-tenant world by understanding the state and federal governmental laws affecting landlords and tenants. This course will also analyze the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants in nonpayment and holdover proceedings, demolitions, rent increases, assignments, sublets, deregulating tenancies and owners’ evictions based on personal use of buildings and required services and the warranty of habitability. Understand when and how to respond to a violation of a lease provision or state law including chronic nonpayment proceedings, violations of pet provisions, nuisance, luxury decontrol, non primary residence, illegal roommate, rent overcharge and illegal conduct cases. Learn the relationship and rights of commercial landlords and tenants by analyzing lease provisions, relevant city and state and federal laws as well as tenant defenses and relevant cases. Finally, this class will discuss federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

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