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Finding The Uncommon Real Estate Deal In NYC

By Shelley Ng

May 11th, 2011

The real estate market is FINALLY starting to pick back up in NYC. Is it time to consider a move? And how do you find the best deals for what you and your family need?

Real Estate Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey author of Finding The Uncommon Deal joined us with the answers. WHY WE HAVEN’T SEEN THE HOUSING MARKET REBOUND?

There are several factors:

• Number of Foreclosures

• Increased Loan Costs

• Interest Rate Increases

• Difficulty Obtaining a Loan SHOULD YOU RENT OR BUY?

• Personal decision for everyone

• If you own a home and don’t have to move – take your time

• If you’re renting and want to buy a home to live in long term – don’t delay, buy now!

• If you’re renting and would want to sell in five years or less – keep renting, don’t buy! WHY IS BUYING IS ALWAYS BETTER LONG- TERM?

• More tax deductions • Best retirement plan ever invented and it provides shelter.

• Building equity–becoming financially able by living in a home for a lifetime Finding The Uncommon Deal is available in bookstores now.


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