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“You assisted me through the toughest of times and ultimately and expeditiously, had my roommate evicted sooner than I could have ever expected.” M.S., Attorney & Tenant

Dear Adam:

Thank you so very much for your time, advice, tenacity, kindness, legal expertise and support. When l realized that the person I lived with had no intention of leaving, I was completely lost. That is when I called you. From the moment I spoke with you, you put me at ease and assured me that my problems would end. True to your word, you assisted me through the toughest of times and ultimately and expeditiously, had my roommate out sooner than I could have ever expected. More importantly than winning the legal battle though, you guided me throughout the process.

All of those times when I was terrified to go home, you continued to remain calm and supportive. I cannot even think of another person. let alone a lawyer who only had a business relationship with me, with whom I could have permitted myself to become so vulnerable. You allowed me to call you at all times and always and promptly put my nerves and questions to rest.

Although I have been a litigator for the past six years, I was completely taken aback by the command you displayed in the courtroom. When we first saw the Judge and my roommate asked for an adjournmcnt, l was very sure that he would receive thirty (30) days. You, however, conveyed the core and essential issues. thereby evoking both the sense and sympathy oft he Judge. By doing this, you had the matter adjourned for a week, the bare and rarely-awarded minimum.

Even throughout the settlement negotiations, you remained sedate, yet so persuasive that my roommate conceded all. In turn, I received the best settlement possible, amply protecting all of my rights.

Adam, thank you again. I would not hesitate to tell anyone to call you. It is with gratitude, but even moreso, pride, that I would recommend you to anyone. You are a brilliant mensch. Thank you again.




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