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“A wonderful, wonderful job”

What legal problem brought you to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

About ten or eleven months ago, I received a letter from a bank stating that they were foreclosing on my Landlord and that I had ninety days to move out of the apartment. I have never been in that situation before and I wasn’t really prepared to move at that point.

How did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. assist you?

He did everything!!! He contacted my landlord and negotiated with him basically he did all of the heavy lifting and he really took a lot of stress…a lot of weight off my shoulders and helped me out. He suggested that I open up a separate account and put the rent money aside until everything was settled. At this point, he negotiated that I could keep all of that back rent when I moved. He did an excellent job for me and he really went above and beyond.

Who did you work with?

Adam was wonderful. I just cannot say enough.

What results did you get?

I am moving into a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for $750.00 a month which I can’t find any one bedroom for under a thousand unless I move to Pennsylvania. I am getting a year’s lease at $750.00 and another year an option for the second year at for $750.00 which is wonderful. I am also getting ten months of the back rent that I am now allowed to keep. I think that is a wonderful deal and its really terrific.

Are you satisfied how Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. handled your matter?

I am very satisfied. When Blair called me and told me…I did what I am doing now (tears). I kind of broke down. “I was under so much under stress and they really helped me out.

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. to others?

I will. I most certainly will and I come across so many people on a daily basis and I will mention his name. I think he did a “wonderful, wonderful job!” and I think he is a lovely man…he really is!!

Any comments or suggestions to add?

I really truly, truly appreciate all the hard work and I thank him.

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