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“Adam won an impossible case, saved me way over $500,000 dollars” – Anonymous

Above all I am a business woman. We have to plan the interview to make it short, funny, simple, entertaining, pleasant to watch. And it has to be about the real estate attorneys. There are thousands of attorneys in New York, but less than 100 of them are the real estate attorneys. And almost nobody knows about it.

The advantages of working with Adam:

  • Adam won an impossible case, saved me way over $500,000 dollars and sent me the bill: $14,400 dollars. That’s all that Adam Leitman Bailey charged me for practically an unwinnable case.
  • I bring to Adam Leitman Bailey an incredibly complicated real estate case. Adam introduces me to the team of his attorneys who will handle my case. And then happens something like a magic: his team of attorneys transformed my so complicated case – into a very simple case. They act fast, negotiate with an iron fist inside of a velvet glove, obtain a complete victory in just few weeks – and the final bill is ridiculously low.

The bill is low because Adam Leitman Bailey attorneys managed to simplify the case to just one point: what is legal and what is not legal. All my other statements are just discarded.

One of my friends was married to an attorney: happy, cheerful, generous,flamboyant man (he already passed away). So he explained to me – why his practice was so successful:”I give to the client well, well lower than other attorneys would charge him for the case. Because I write “1”, but carry “2”. I know that I will get the rest of the money from him during the case”.

Adam Leitman Bailey is a serious law firm. We sign an Agreement, and I know exactly – how much it will cost me.



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