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“This Will Help My Career in the Future. It’ll Make Me Stand Out.”

A: I am Spencer Wolf.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Manhattan, New York.

Q: Where did you study?

A: At Boston University.

Q: And what are your goal career wise?

A: Originally I wanted to study in the finance field, but after this internship at ALB and exploring marketing, I’ve possibly wanted to go to that type of career.

Q: Did you get the experience you wanted out of this internship?

A: Absolutely. Coming to this firm on my first day, I thought this internship would comprised by making photocopies, getting coffees for the attorneys, shredding papers. But in the end it was actually important role I played at this firm, I would say, it exceeded my expectations.

Q: What was your role at ALB?

A: I was a marketing intern.

Q: What was your experience like?

A: There is definitely, I gained a lot of knowledge from this experience. It taught me to mature, how the real world works.

Q: What kind of tasks did you perform here?

A: They varied. One task for example would be migrating content which would be… So we were building a new website for the firm, so we had to migrate all the old content from the old website to the new one. So we would have to know how that relates to marketing, we would have to know how to market each peace of content correctly, so it could come up on google on the first or second slot, hopefully the first.

The second thing I would do at ALB, taking photos for the new website, taking headshots of all the attorneys and paralegals, and executive staff. Here I learned very well how to use Photoshop, InDesign, and Excel as well. So all very good stuff for what I would possibly want to go into.

Q: So how did the firm helped you prepare for such tasks?

A: I came in with possibly zero knowledge on how to do this sort of thing. Maybe the creative stuff I had some knowledge in that field but coming here when it comes to marketing, I mean, I really didn’t know what marketing really was before I came into.

My supervisor, Nicole Hansalik, is possibly the best supervisor I could have asked for. She taught us the whole way, no matter how little or how much we knew, and it just was a great experience. Everything more than the average 19 year old would know.

Q: What tasks would you say you enjoyed the most?

A: Probably more of the creative side of my tasks. I was one of the lucky interns because I had some basic knowledge on Photoshop and how to use caramel well before I came to this internship. So I got to use these skills in my internship now and take photos of courthouses, the attorneys, the law firm made me create a video or two. That was a lot of fun, it made every day very exciting and the job and the day go by very fast.

Q: Who did you work with the most?

A: Probably my supervisor, Nicole. And like I said, I couldn’t have asked for somebody to work with more than Nicole.

Q: What skills did you learn here at ALB that you believe would be helpful to you in the future?

A: Like I was saying, the technological side of it, with migrating content through the computer, Excel, Photoshop, all of these things, all ways of doing things. So out of college, if I have this on my resume and I do have at least a basic knowledge of how to do these things, it would help me in the future.

Q: Do you think this internship would help you further your career?

A: 100 percent. Absolutely this would help my career in the future. It will make me stand out over other kids my age.

Q: What would you say was your most memorable moment at ALB?

A: Honestly, meeting the people at this firm. It’s going to be extremely difficult to leave this place. It really doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are surrounded by people that you like. And here everybody treats you the same, everybody is very nice, very easy going. And that is awesome. That would be my most resinating memory throughout the whole internship.

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