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“They’ll do anything they can to get you to victory”


After living for 40 years in the same apartment in the heart of Rhenish village, I received an eviction notice from my landlord based on a nuisance complaint. I knew that most if not all the claims were nonsense, so I decided rather than just to accept
the situation. I would seek legal counsel and defend myself if need be in court, so at first I went to my family lawyer who
looked at the legal documents and basically said to me you’re not going to win. I was heartbroken so I said I’m not giving up I’m gonna find somebody else to represent me and I was recommended to Adam Leitman families for me, so I called to introduce
myself got an appointment the next day. I met with Adam and the trial attorney Christopher.  They reviewed the documents
they accepted the case and they gave me the confidence unlike the previous lawyer that I could prevail subsequent to that we began the strategy of how to defend myself in court and what sort of evidence we would need to win.
I called Carolyn the infantryman of the case because she was there every step of the way providing details, information, explanations, which gave me a sense of security and the sense of knowing that the legal team standing behind me was really working their hardest to make me a winner in this case. In fact, I’ll never forget at one point Carolyne said to me, Wayne, I really want to win this case, and when I heard that I was so happy that I was working with the firmI I felt for the first time in months that I could possibly win this Muse in this case so much of it the groundwork the detail was done by Carolyn and the most effective and perhaps even more important-the most empathetic way so I never felt that I was like you know a small fish in a big ocean. I’m not mean I’m certainly a real estate mogul I’m a simple guy living in a simple apartment in Greenwich Village so Carolyn really came through in terms of empathy now you don’t expect the lawyers necessarily to have a bedside manner but I can tell you from experience this firm provides its clients with a real sense of security knowing that they’re on your side and they’ll fight for you. They’ll do anything they can to get you to victory. The second person who was also instrumental in winning the case was the trial attorney,
Christopher I met with him on several occasions, and he has so much energy that it was amazing. He was able to give me a sense of confidence that our trial when it came to the point where we’d actually build in front of a judge that I would do very well I would do very very well. In fact, on the day of the settlement Christopher and I met with the opposing attorney who turned to me and said Christopher is a brilliant lawyer I wish he could come and work. I’ll offer and I kind of left, and I said I’m simply if he’s on my side so the bottom line is we won the case I’m still gonna live in my apartment after 40 years and I really really sincerely believe that I couldn’t done it without a bandwagon Bailey’s firm an incredibly talented professional and dedicated lawyers that he brought to my side to ultimately win this.

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