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“The only thing we did was… hand it over to the firm. And they would take care of it.”

To begin, can you please state your name?

My name is Alessandra Veronese and my husband’s name is Jose Landoni.

Can you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help?

We came to Adam Leitman Bailey after I got an eviction notice from my landlord after 22 years of being in my building and it seems the building was sold and the new owners were trying to get me out. I didn’t know what to do and so I tried for legal help and he was referred to me and that is why I came here.

Why was your landlord trying to throw you out?

I guess they didn’t like….I don’t know. That’s it. They wanted higher rent. They just claim that I don’t have a right to be there. They wanted to transform the building into I don’t know what and we still don’t know what so that was the situation.

If you could explain what Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. did for you and if you want to talk about any strategy that they used to help your case?

Well, the strategy… I don’t know so much…I mean, I know because its has been going on for awhile but basically really – – you know, research went into every facet of the law to try to keep me going and I could not have ever done that by myself. For example, it took awhile and it was hard but you know. Now, specific things that he did, I am not even sure, I just know we just kept winning in court.

Husband: We believed in his work all the time. We were easy because we believed in him.

Alessandra: It took awhile…I mean it has been a long journey obviously we were in the right, otherwise, we would not be here today.

Do you want to talk about any of the times when he was winning in court for you? Do you want to explain a little about that?

Well, everything is really nerve whacking while we were going through it because you don’t understand what the legal terms of this…and the suit here and there and different aspects of the law so the only thing we could do is just anytime a notice would come we would bring it here to the firm and they would take care of it. That is just as much as I can say…yeah…I cannot go into specifics, you know, of each thing – – different aspects of the housing court – – everything is so complicated.

6. Did you feel throughout the whole process that you were being taken care of?

Yes. I felt very very comfortable. We are still very nervous because you never know what the other party can come with.

You were always very confident with the decision that you made?


Coming to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Yes. I never, you know, had any doubts…from the beginning.

You were in safe hands?

Yes. Wonderful.

Let’s talk about the results. Were you happy with your end results?

Yes. We are very happy with the end result and now, you know, it’s December 31, 2013 and we just finished with everything. We reached a settlement and I am happy with it and tomorrow is a New Year and a new day and I am very very happy.

Husband: We are happy that we are finished with everything. It was a very hard time for us…all this time. But now, it is finished, that’s it.

And now you have the next chapter in your lives?

Yes, the next chapter.

And now that chapter involves the understanding that you have a good settlement?


And, do you want to tell us what you plan to do with the settlement that you have won?

Yes. We both own a small coffee shop in the East Village which is a small business and it’s my passion. I work with coffee, beer and wine and olive oil which I have a small estate in Italy at Tuscany where we produce our own olive oil. So, with the settlement I am going to be able to advance my… I will show you (has a bottle of olive oil with her) ….

That’s wonderful, you brought this in for Mr. Bailey?

Yes, and for the other lawyers who helped out because they were great. Now, I am making my own advertisement. It’s not olive oil….its medicine. It’s completely organic. It’s from our small little estate and we pick it by hand and we press it ourselves, and it’s a labor of love and it requires some financing and this is…what I will do with it.

So we are helping you now to grow your business that you are passionate about and hopefully we will be able to see your business grow in the future?

Yes. I really believe so. This is great – we have here…like I said the main source of my income which is small because it’s a small business is my café but one of my main aspect of making a difference is because we have our own olive oil that we use for our sandwiches, salads, etc. This is what I am going to focus my energy and the settlement is helping me a lot because it is easier when you have to grow when you have some money than when you are struggling every day to pay the bills.

We are very very happy for you that the settlement has allowed you to go on to the next stage in your life and grow your business. Its very exciting.
We look forward to hearing more about that and trying your own world.

There you go…that’s why its here!!! Again, I must say Adam, the whole firm, everybody here were really great. It was like a family and it is hard when you get that notice you think, like I said, we have a small business, and I was worried where are we going to go and how could we afford the new rents, everything is so expensive. And I really thought that’s it. I have to close my business, I have to…you know… what is going to happen?
Fortunately, everything turned for the best and we are happy and we are looking forward to the next year which starts tomorrow.

That’s wonderful. We really wish you well and your business as well in 2014. We covered everything. Are there any last comments that you want to say before we go?

Thank you, Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone.

Wonderful, and Happy New Year also to you.

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