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“Adam Leitman Bailey was my warrior and he came through for me.” – J.B.

Jackie Bartone, Tenant who prevailed in nuisance/pet litigation

Jaqueline: Well all I can say is that I thank my intelligence and G-d’s looking down upon me to come to ALB and let him take my case. The first thing he said to me was, “you’re going to win this case!” and I was very depressed, despondent and it didn’t look good at all. That was less than a year ago and today we won. I’m not going to be evicted, I have my home back, I have my pets, I have my life back and the landlord can never, never ever hurt me ever again because of ALB. I cannot thank him enough. It was worth having him as my warrior. He was my warrior and he came through for me. And that’s what I can say…What do you say, Charlie?

Charles: You took the word from me “warrior”. The forces of darkness were against us and Adam Bailey led the charge and the defeated them.

Jaqueline: And without a doubt! He never doubted it! That’s what’s amazing. He never doubted that he was going to win. He doesn’t have that in him. And I think if you ever need a lawyer, you need a lawyer that does not doubt that he will win. And we thank him!!

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