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“Adam, I’m Truly Thankful for Every Single Thing That You’ve Done for Me”


I’m truly thankful for every single thing that you’ve done for me. I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve never giving up on me even when I wasn’t at my best and for that I’ll always appreciate you. You’ve been the father that I’ve never had. My family and I are beyond grateful for the opportunities that you’ve created for me and it will never be forgotten. You are and have always been an exceptional person. Whenever I speak of you it’s always in the highest regards, you work ethic and leadership is second to none.

I was truly hoping to see you today before I left but Barry informed me that you are away on a trip.

As I take this next step on my journey I take it with confidence knowing that I have you truly believing in me along the way. You are very much appreciate and I hope in the near future I can atleast make you extremely proud of me.

Thank you,

IT Manager

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