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“Fast, friendly, and thorough… The best real estate attorney in NYC.”

Ali Farahnakian, Cooperative Owner & Actor

How has Mr. Adam Leitman Bailey helped you?

I was fortunate to cross paths with Adam through a referral by Julie Teitel and immediately when I talked to him we clicked, we connected. Adam has a true love of the game and a passion for what he does.

In New York City, in the real estate market, if you have a deal and you don’t have it closed someone signing something on the bottom line and someone could come in there and make an all cash offer and its over. What Adam is good at is closing the deal. You get someone to put their signature on the line so you can have your dream come true. Buying a home is a huge endeavor and you need handlers. It’s like climbing a mountain and Adam is a liken to a guide to get you on top of that mountain. He’s fast, he’s friendly, he’s thorough, he knows what he does. He has a passion about it. He has a love of the game. As far as I concerned, he is the best real estate attorney in New York City.

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