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“They Listened to All Our Needs and What They Said [They Would Do], They Did”

James and Susan Conlon, Property Owners of Multi-Family and Commercial Dwelling

Can you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help?

We had a franchisee tenant who didn’t like to pay his rent. He had an excellent lease but he gave us such a tough time and we had a Brooklyn representation and got nowhere for this. We made an appointment with Mr. Bailey and he was kind enough, courteous enough, listened to our situation and he said I can help you and he did.

What were your first impressions when you first met the firm?

Well, it’s a striking office. It is a well run office. Everybody is very articulate and we were very happy that we came to this firm because we would have been in deep trouble if we didn’t.

What did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. do for you?

Well, he got a hold of the representation from the other side – – we had meetings with them. We had to straighten out the franchisee and since then the franchisee decided he wasn’t — that Brooklyn was not for him so he packed up and left.

If you could say what the best thing that the firm did for you what would you say that was?

Excellent representation by Chris Halligan. He represented us well in the course. The monies that the franchisee refused to give us we got it – so excellent.

So, all good things?

All good things is right.

Could you explain what you think the firm’s best qualities were in assisting to your needs?

Well, they listened to all our needs. They took in what their course of action was and told us what they were going to do and what they said, they did.

Did you work with anybody other than Chris Halligan here?

Yes, we are doing a deal now with the firm. They have all top notch people working here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to others?

We already have. We even have a gentlemen sitting here that they may want to call on.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Sure, definitely.

Any last comments?
Sure, she wants to say something?

Mr. Conlon: She is a little choked up now because the representation that we got from Brooklyn was probably the worst in the world. You can edit that anyway you want but we came over here to Manhattan and we got the best.

Susan Conlon: We finally got our lives back. Thank you Adam Leitman Bailey.
Thank you Adam Leitman Bailey for taking care of all of our tenant-landlord needs. Chris Halligan took care of one great big problem that we had originally. We just had a closing today and they took care of the closing 100%. My husband is handicapped and I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer while all this was happening and all our problems were taken care of by Adam Leitman Bailey and his staff and we could have not done it without him. We highly recommend this company and we have other business issues that we will be dealing with Adam Leitman Bailey and we wish them continued success and thank you for helping us.

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