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“When You Have Something That You Need to Do, You’ll Get It Done.”

My name is Andrew Thompson, I am 27 years old and I go to NYLS, and I am a second year law student intern in this firm.

Q: What was it like working at ALB PC?

A: I think it was a really good experience. It was a great experience because I was able to do a lot. I came in with three semesters of law school under my belt, so it was really interesting to kind of see how real estate law can come alive and to see it actually be done.

Q: Did you get to work with ALB directly?

A: I did. I worked on an article with Adam and that was the major work I did with Adam. The most of my work I did with other attorneys.

Q: What kind of tasks did you perform at ALB PC?

A: I did a lot actually. I did everything from legal research to drafting bench memos, to filing papers, to, more recently I even got to do a closing, a real estate closing. So I had a very diverse and wide range of tasks.

Q: What have you learned from your internship at ALB PC?

A: I think I’ve really learned the skill and ability to go around to different offices and solicit work from other attorneys and to do it, and to do it very high quality and be very clear, and to do the best that I can all the time.

Q: What is the one thing that will stand out in your mind from this experience?

A: I definitely gained the mindset that when you have something that you need to do, you get it done. And I think that’s very important in any career, but especially important in practicing the law. Because you can’t just let the client hang, you can’t just leave them hanging. If you don’t know how you have to figure it out or you have to find someone else who does. So, it’s really a no nonsense get-stuff-done attitude and I don’t really feel like I had that before this experience.

Q: What was the best aspect about working at ALB PC?

A: I think the best aspect for me was really getting to see a broad range of real estate work, from transactional to litigation, different aspects of those. With litigation there are initial briefs, there is discovery, there’s motions for summary judgment. With transactional we have of course setting up deals, paperwork that goes into closings, we have post-closing work that needs to be done, UCC filings and things in that term. It was very good.

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