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“Basically, I wanted a certain amount and they got it”

Q. Please state your name.


Q. How do you know Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Well I needed an attorney, because my building was fought over, and I was rent stabilized tenant, and I was being harassed, so I decided I needed a good attorney. After looking around I found your firm.

Q. What did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. do for you?

Well they managed to make a buyout deal, and they managed to get me some of the money I was asking for, which was substantially more than the landlord was willing to pay.

Q. Did you and your attorney ever discuss a plan to get a buyout from your landlord?

Yes, yes we did. We discussed how long it would take, how much we can get, and I was insisting on my figure and we discussed the possibility that we might have to go to court.

Q. So what was the plan?

The plan was to put as much pressure as we could on the landlord in order for him to end up paying us what we felt was the right price. Since I was being harassed, and a lot my services were being taken away, like the  intercom, for example, and the gas was shut off, many of my services were taken away, we decided to go to court and challenge the landlord.

Q. What was the court case itself about?

The court case was about two things. One was services that the landlord was taking away, the second was harassment for which I felt was done, like for example they made errors by knocking holes through the wall, from next  door they were remodeling next door and claimed it was an error. The Ceiling fell in one of the rooms, they claimed it was an error, etc. So we decided  to go to court and go after the services being restored, and trying to land a judgement regarding the harassment.

Q. What specifically did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. do to get the number from the original offer to the number you had in mind?

Well first of all, we did the court case and won the service end of it. The other end, as far as harassment was not ruled on  yet, before we ended up making the agreement, so we dropped the court case once we agreed to the right price. But I think the court case had a lot to do with it, what they did. Also, Adam managed to put some things in the newspaper, which also affected the landlord and he was willing to make a deal based on the fact that he didn’t want any newspaper reports.

Q.  Did you receive everything that Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. promised you?

Yes, I mean basically I wanted a certain price, and I got it.

Q. What would you say are the best qualities of our firm, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

I would say that probably the aggressiveness of the firm, the fact that he was willing to go to court and spend the money and put pressure on them by putting things in the newspapers, I think that was a quality that finally got us what we wanted.

Q. Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Yes I would. I think he did a very good job, and I’m very pleased with it.

Q. What are your future plans, how will the settlement you received change your life.

Well, I moved into a very nice apartment, I don’t have all of the noise, and dust and headaches that I have in the two years at the other apartment on park avenue, and basically that’s the improvement. The money will be good to know that I have, because the rents I’m paying now are substantially higher than the rent stabilized apartment that I lived in and although I’m in an apartment half the size of what I was, the rent is double, so certainly  the money helps.

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