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The Pursuit of Greatness at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

“Over the years, when I joined Adam, we only had 4 attorneys –it was Adam, myself, an associate and an attorney that did transactional work. And Adam, as he did with me, he recruited me, he went out and he recruited all the major partners from other firms and people that he felt would fit the niche. Colin Kaufman is a superb trial lawyer, Dov Treiman is the Dean of Landlord-Tenant practice and Jeff Metz is the greatest appellate lawyer I’ve seen in my career.

The thing is that everybody here is not afraid to do challenging legal – litigation. There are many firms and many attorneys that do that, there are others that shirk away from the hard type of cases.

The point is that Adam is a great cheerleader for the firm and everybody that works here. He wants the best out of us, he encourages us to do our best, and is always – as far as Adam is concerned – if you take a case on you are not going to lose that case.

I marvel at his insights. You know, I’ve had a lot of experience in negotiating and litigating and I think I know a lot of how to handle clients and how to do cases. And going to Adam to talk about an issue in a case with a client, and I’ll say: this is what I think we’ll have to do or this is what the problem is, and he cuts through it and says: that’s fine but here’s another way of looking at it.

Sometimes I will disagree with him, sometimes he’ll disagree with me, but for the most part, when he focuses on it, he has a lot of insight and a way of handling things that nobody does. He’s got a great memory. We have hundreds of cases in the office at any one time and probably thousands over the years and that memory serves him well and it draws on that for the advise and counseling that he gives to us as members of the team, and the clients.

I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in my career that has been as satisfying as Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. and the work we do here and all the people that I work with. It’s a challenge every day, sometimes I feel like I’m doing a marathon, I look forward to a moment of rest and peace which never comes. You finish with one thing and there’s ten other things right — lined up behind it. And, you know, you’ve just got to switch gears and get to it. So that’s what we do.”

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