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“That’s Why I Am Happy, I Got This Great Deal!”

Q. Case Background

A. My name is Gregory Kitchen. The landlord was accusing me of going something that I’ve been doing for twenty years. I thought I was within the law, and there’s really no law written specifically about what the landlord was complaining about.  He, the landlord would use the elevator against me, stopping people from coming up here and I was doing really well at the beginning of him starting to harass me, and then it started going down, down, down. Then he cut the elevator off for a year from me. He cut it of from my clients for a year.

Q. How did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. help you?

A. They got a great deal for me. I was so happy with it, and the landlord was so stunned he walked out of the courtroom. He looked like I hit a homerun or something, and he had the open mouth look. For some reason he agreed to a great deal, which was $1.25 million, and I get to live here for two more years, two and  half years. I can also keep living here, but pay a higher rent. I thought they were going to keep digging in further and further, I don’t know why they did it.

Q. How was working with Adam Leitman Bailey, Christopher Halligan, and Jamie Schare Friedland?

A. Believe me, I wish the other lawyers I met were as honest as Christ was. I wasn’t sure because I’ve been screwed by a lot of lawyers, I think every lawyer except Adam, Christ, and Jamie just totally screwed me over.

Q. Are you happy with your settlement?

A. Absolutely, it would have cost me another $100,000. That’s why I’m happy with the agreement, no more legal fees, except for a little minimal things. I got this great deal, I can still live here after, I could put the money in a good mutual fund and live off of the money they gave me and live here, and still keep the money. I’m happy, I’m really happy. Another thing, they did a good job against a crazy landlord. Their lawyer was totally dishonest, called me a liar during the deposition. They did a good job handling this guy. I got a great deal- we should record this- he started at $250,000 and we got $1.25 million, plus two years.

Q. Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

A. Yes, absolutely. I am totally confident that anyone I send to them would be treated fairly and professionally. I was very pleased.

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