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“It Was Incredible Experience Choosing Him as a Lawyer.”

Tenant & Fashion Designer with noise complaint

How has Adam Leitman Bailey helped you?

Adam Leitman Bailey’s law firm helped me a lot with my landlord-tenant case. It was a harrying year with a restaurant bar that was two apartments beneath mine and the noise and the music. It went on for months and with all my calls to the Quality of Life and the sixth precinct police department still nothing really got done actually until I came to Adam’s law firm which really helped me out. Kind of like Penn Estates…we get results and they really did. It wasn’t only until Adam got involved that finally the restaurant owners began to lower the music and abate some of the noise that was emanating through the walls. And it went on for almost a year actually until just two months ago when I got Adam on the case. That has been incredible. It was incredible experience choosing him as a lawyer.

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