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Client Highlights: Tenants

Evelyn Maier- Tenant Owner, Member of Home Owner Association: First impression of Adam is that he definitely seems to know what he’s doing, and that he’s been doing this for awhile, defending tenant rights against the landlord, and he seems to be quite knowledgeable about everything real estate in New York. So, there was never a doubt that he wouldn’t get things done.

Donald Grant- Commercial Tenant, Member of the Save Harlem Association: Adam was very qualified and ready to take on the fight.

Bev West and Jason Bergund- Rent Regulated Tenants: IT’s been a long and hard battle, you know the other thing is that Adam did not give up on us. He believed in in our case, and fought through to the end with us, even though we were in away over our heads.

Brian Owens- Entrepreneur and Owner of Crave Ceviche Restaurant Struck by Crane on March 15, 2008: Not only did they handle ever single case that we had, but in court with our landlord he had a strategy he’s been through it before, He went in like pit-bull and did a great job negotiating a settlement for us  and he did a great job overall.

Evelyn Maier: With a lawyer like Adam in the bag, we were able to get a lot lower prices, than we would have gotten if we just communicated with the landlord. He started to take us more seriously. The overall outcome was pretty impressive, because we were able to buy our apartments, in some cases at less than 50% of the market value.

Bev West and Jason Bergund: Both of us work at home, so we are very attached to our place, and very happy there, and a couple of years ago a man bought the building and through all of our neighbors out and tried to through us out, but instead be called Adam, so saved our apartment. We found out today and couldn’t be happier.

Deborah Wan Liew- Tenant: I think that they handled everything from the beginning with class, with sensitivity and with attention to detail, I don’t think we could have found anywhere else. In NYC, they are the top.

Laara Raynier- Tenant: It was the best thing, Adam is the best lawyer I’ve ever met. He’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. If you want to  win a case, use Adam Bailey. That’s it, pure and simple, don’t even think about going to anyone else, don’t even think about calling anyone else. Adam Bailey is amazing, amazing, amazing

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