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“This firm is fantastic. They really take care of the problem.”

We rented our personal residence to a very influential wealthy couple and they completely modified our residence without asking permission. We started a legal matter which lasted over a year without any kind of results. I was very very frustrated by all the amount of energy and the amount of money that we were paying to support this matter and finally a broker, a real estate broker who was really compassionate about the case and he told me that I have the right person, the right lawyer for you and he brought me over to Adam Leitman Bailey. In two months, the case was resolved. I had the money that we were asking and the people are still our tenants. We saw light at the end of the tunnel. We had an incredible experience. We worked with Adam personally but also we worked with Carolyn with anybody…that’s what great about this firm…Adam is fantastic and a genius, he is a leader and everybody else in the firm is as good as well. After resolving this problem, we also did some other…we seek the advice of the firm for other deals like commercial deeds and I worked with them a lot which was another great experience and now I am working with another problem with Emily and everybody in this firm is fantastic. They really take care of the problem. You don’t feel like you are one of the hundreds of people you know…that they have…and I know that Adam is always looking into every single case. Since I worked with Adam Leitman Bailey, I sleep very, very, very well. I know that they are there taking care of my problems.

Do you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to other people who have real estate legal problems?

Absolutely. And to both sides, there is landlord and there are tenants because I am here in both positions so I would recommend Adam Leitman Bailey without any

Any last comments or suggestions before we are finished?

I am looking to find Adam a nice Italian lady.

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