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T.L. Marketing Intern Testimonial

My name is Tony Lam and I am from New York University, I am studying Politics and Economics and I am going to be a rising junior.

Q: What are your goals career wise?

A: My goals career wise currently is to graduate from undergrad for two years and to look for a job in the banking sector, and afterwards try to move into law school and after that try to become a corporate lawyer.

Q: Did you get the experience you wanted out of this internship?

A: I would say I did get the experience I wanted out of this internship because as it was my first internship I learned what it is like to work in the real world and I feel like it really prepares me for my next few jobs that I will have also.

Q: What was your role at ALB PC?

A: My role at ALB PC was to help facilitate the mentoring of the new website that they were implementing, and also to ensure that the traffic to the website was increasing and it functions good.

Q: What kind of tasks did you perform?

A: The kind of tasks I performed, as I said, to facilitate the development of the new website which included but not limited to SEO optimization, content migration and I really feel like the technical skills I developed there would really help me in the future.

Q: How did the firm help you prepare for such tasks? Did you receive any training?

A: The firm was very accommodating when it came to training for these tasks. On occasions they hire professionals to come in and give us training and also our supervisors worked really closely with us to ensure that we knew how to do everything.

Q: What have you learned?

A: At this firm I learned many skills. One of the first things I learned is how to coordinate myself in a business environment because this was one of my first internships and stepping out for the everyday classes and everything I feel like coming to work at a firm like this required a great sense of responsibility and punctuality. And just being able to own up what you do.

Q: Which tasks would you say you enjoyed the most?

A: The task I enjoyed the most is definitely going to the trainings because all these professionals, I feel like, were really passionate about what they were doing and being able to learn from them was a great privilege.

Q: What skills did you learn here at ALB that you believe will be helpful your the future?

A: The most important skills that I learned from here was the technical skills. [redacted] taught us about HTML, the basics which was really useful. I feel like in this day and age technology is really good, very important to have.

Q: Do you think this internship will help you further your career and if yes, how?

A: Yes. I think this being my first internship will definitely help me in my career because I see this as a stepping stone. With such a great firm behind me I feel like I can definitely be going to a lot of great places with the help of this.

Q: What is the most memorable moment you have at ALB?

A: The most memorable moment I have at ALB is definitely stepping into the firm. I remember the first day, everything was new and I just felt really strange. But everybody here was really nice, they made you feel like you are at home, and just really passionate and really helpful about it.

Q: Do you have any comments about future interns or about working here in general?

A: Yes. My advice for future interns is to work hard and if you work hard for them, they would word hard for you because if you treat every task like it’s the most important task you’ve ever had that means you would put your best effort forward and that would really pay off in the future.

Q: Ok, great. Thank you.


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