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“They Won’t Look down on You Because You’re an Intern, They Take You Under Their Wing.”

My name is Shana Slawitzky I go to Touro Law School and I’m from Farmingdale, Long Island. I was a law extern. It was great. I learned so much about real estate law that I wanted to learn. I learned how to work in a law firm: the proper way to act, how to multitask in a law firm that’s so busy.

Yes I did work with Adam Leitman Bailey directly. I’m still working on an article with him dealing with specific performance and a seller. My research for memorandums of law, I wrote memorandums of law, made excel spreadsheets to help with clients. Any sort of legal issues, or questions, that the attorneys had I would research for them.

I learned how to properly research for a legal question, like go to the secondary sources and then go straight to the case law, so that was something. I also learned how to fix my citations when I write legal papers and write motions and how to write affidavits; things that an attorney needs to know for everyday practice.

Going to housing court with Meredith, who is an associate here, because that was a whole different experience, to see how the judges interact, how the attorneys interact with each other, and just to see how she acted in front of the judge. So that’s something that I’ll definitely use for the future.

The attorneys. Everyone is so approachable, partners are approachable. If you have any sort of question, they won’t look down at you because you’re an intern, they kind of take you under their wing, and they’re so receptive and approachable.

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