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“Impressed with the Thoughtfulness That Commanded the Facts, the Strategy…” – Jim Wacht, President of Sierra Reality Corp.

I am President of Real Estate Corp. We are a mid-sized company in New York City. We own, manage and operate over 50 buildings in New York. Many of which are residential buildings and some of which are office buildings. I have known Adam Leitman Bailey now for probably five or six years. I met him initially at an industry event. He is a charming guy and interesting to talk to; highly energetic. If I had a word to describe Adam it would be energetic. But then I started paying attention to the news media and I realized from reading a lot of other magazines and his name kept keeping up in very impressive cases where he achieved very significant victories in Greater New York in real estate area and I said to myself this guy has a talent and so I made an appointment. I met with Adam. . . I talked to him a little bit about his practice and he introduced me to many people in his office and I was incredibly impressed with the fact that he was creative and really the way he handles his cases. Recently, I had a case where the clients own real estate and I also own an executive office in business and we were having a very significant issue with our landlord in terms of renegotiating our lease, getting an extension and so forth and so on and I needed legal representation and I used probably four or five different law firms right now but I couldn’t think that any of them were really appropriate. I wanted a bit bull. I wanted a guy who knew how to go in there and take no prisoners if that was necessary to get this deal done. My landlord was financially in trouble and he no longer controlled the property and I was dealing with out of the country investors. It was really kind of a mess. Typically, when I negotiate deals I would just sit down and try to work something out and I decided that that was not happening. I knew that I needed somebody who is smart, aggressive and who get the job done. So I called Adam up and I talked to him briefly about the case. I had no doubt in my mind that he was the right attorney. I hired him and we started the process. He was very good in following-up with me and talking to me about strategy, very responsive in terms in getting the papers done carefully and quickly. He assigned a young attorney to my case Emily, I can’t pronounce her last name. But Emily was also terrific. So I was very impressed not just with the quality of the representation, the thoughtfulness that commanded the facts, the strategy that we decided that we were going to use in the litigation but I was also really impressed that any time I had a question I could always get Adam and he was very responsive and Emily was also terrific and I felt very comfortable. The case started probably eight or nine months ago and it was a long tortuous and tough negotiation. But every step of the way I think Adam gave me extremely good advice. Did very good work and he never once lost sight of what we were trying to achieve. There were probably one or two times during the course of the negotiation and the litigation that I was willing to give in on certain things and Adam said, listen Jim, obviously you are the client here and you make the decisions but I think that we should be able to push this and we should be able to achieve these objectives and at the end of the day we received a settlement that were in terms even better than I anticipated. . . so listen, I am very satisfied with the representation and the fact of the matter is I now have given Adam two more fairly significant cases to handle for me and I expect that I will achieve equally the same favorable result.

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