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“Adam reassured me of hope when I felt hopeless.”

Anitha Ragoonanansingh, Represented Pro Bono by Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

I had gone looking for an apartment and I had gone to a Real Estate agent and I paid a down payment for an attic apartment…just before I was suppose to move in I requested that I look at the apartment and when I got there it was a total disaster and I requested my money back and I was told flatly No.

Adam Leitman Bailey reassured me of hope even though I had no receipt, I had just my testimony what I recollected on what happened and I was also given a new lawyer Donald Mitchell to help me and to assist me. He was really really kind and listened. He was a really good listener. He went through all the details that I was willing to share with him and what happened and we had a case. We had a great victory!!

The judge was in favor of our side. All the facts were presented and Adam Bailey and his team diligently pursued like…behind the scenes all the hidden things that were considered evidence and in the courtroom everything was like presented very well and the judge was in total favor of Adam Bailey. Adam Bailey was really kind, he was a good listener and he presented the little details that I had and with that he went through probably about three pages of information. He put together everything very well. He was kind. He showed up in the courtroom on time even though it was night court and he was just really really kind. Thank you very much Donald Mitchell.

Adam Bailey reassured me of hope when I felt hopeless…his wisdom…his insight…his understanding and his knowledge tackled this injustice and when it was all over we were awarded a great victory.

Thank you Adam Leitman Bailey.

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