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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Real Estate Litigation Highlight Video

Jim Wacht: So, I was very impressed, not just with the quality of the representation in terms of the thoughtfulness, their command of the facts, the strategy that we decided we were going to use in the litigation, but I was also ready impressed that any time I had a question, I could always get Adam, he was very responsive.

Steven Rosefsky: General Counsel, Edison Properties: Adam, in particular, and his firm has been involved in a wide array of complex litigation matters, transactional, leasing matters, an in every instance I’m very happy to say that Adam and his firm have excelled in all areas of the practice of law that we have worked with.

Jackie Bartone: The forces of darkness were reigning  against us, and Adam Bailey led the charge. Yes, he did. Unbeatable.

Lois A. Ebin: Board of Directors, Fortune 1000 Company: I’ve worked with a lot of law firms on the business side, and I think that they, Adam Leitman Bailey’s attorneys are very creative and strategic in their thinking and without a good strategy its very hard to win and negotiate. So, I think its’ an extremely strong skill set that they have, both devising a strategy and negotiating, and getting a successful outcome.

Jana Krigsfeld, Business Owner, Winner of Jury Trial: We has a jury trial, it lasted for three days, the jury trial, today it was a verdict, and we are very happy. We have a complete victory. It was a difficult trial, a difficult case, but we won.

Steve Rosefsky: Adam’s firm has been instrumental in transitioning Edison into the 21st century. We’ve never lost a case with Adam

Fiknet Delijanin: Douglas Elliman Property Management: When I speak to somebody about Adam, it’s from the heart, he really, really cares about his clients.

Victor Body Lawson: I really think it’s because of Adam’s tenacity, Adam’s negotiations, Adam’s creativity, and looking at this as not just a legal battle, of right and wrong, where we were right, and the work that we put in and the sacrifices and the commitment that we made to the community.

John David Shloknik: When you really, really need somebody to do the work, and not just hold your hand, but be your partner in the process, this is the firm where I would go.

Jana Krigsfeld: He makes us the happiest people in the world!

Omar Yousif: President- Board of Directors of Large Condominium Complex:  I highly recommend him, he’s a very personal person, but he knows how to be a bulldog with folks that you deal with when you’re out there trying to face litigation or some kind of lawsuit.

Fikret Deljamin: So, money’s not the gain for him, I think that he takes a lot of pride in doing the right thing for his clients, and he’s proactive and productive and produces quality, and he does deliver it, so does his whole staff .

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