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“A strategic, effortless way… Just pure brilliance” – Lara

“It went like a dream”


I’m Lauren Renie. It went like a dream. Adam Leitman Bailey is the best lawyer on the face of the planet. He had a qualified architect squirming in his chair. It was the most amazing cross-examination I have ever seen. It was everything I wanted. It mean he was so smart and so articulate and new what to say to this guy. This guy was lying through his teeth, and the judge knew it. Their sides lawyers were like DYING. I thought they were going to have heart attacks. It was amazing, It was the best think. Adam is the best lawyer I’ve ever met. He is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. If you ever want to win a case use Adam Bailey. That’s it, pure and simple. Don’t even think  about calling anywhere else. Adam Bailey is amazing. amazing, amazing.

Adam’s strategy is to prove that they are lying, that they are REALLY lying, and the judge gets that they are lying. Adam’s strategy is to make the other side look like what the are, a bunch of liars. And he does it in such a beautiful, strategic, effortless way. It’s effortless. It’s just pure brilliance. If you want a lawyer, if you’re thinking about hiring a lawyer, look for me it was my home at risk, my apartment, my home where I have lived for 19 years. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a lawyer who cared about me, but Adam Bailey himself making my apartment, my home more important to him than it is to me even. I mean making me  feel like someone  is out  there for me, just for me, Laura Renie in my apartment of 20 years. He proved to that judge without a doubt that the other side is lying. He proved it so we’ll that the judge is going to look at the vacant apartment on Monday morning because they’re lying, and the judge is going himself to look at the apartment. So if you are looking at this video, don’t think about another lawyer. Call me. I will give you my number. Use Adam Bailey. Don’t use anybody else. Adam Baily is the only lawyer in the world, in New York City on the planet. He gets result.

Everything Adam did today in court stood out. He did everything I would want to a  lawyer to ask. He asked every question. He was relentless. He was brilliant. He was smart. He was thoughtful. He made the judge – well he made the witness look like he was such a liar. And he made the witness like red in the face to the extent that it was obvious that to the judge that the witness was lying. I mean that was apparent to the judge. This guy was lying, lying, lying, and he wasn’t telling the truth.He made it look like – that’s what he did – he made the guy look like a joke.The guy is a qualified architect  and  he made him look like a joke, so much so  that the guy couldn’t explain what a bowl of putty is. Well and he said they didn’t even have – you ever see a ceiling fall in? It was amazing. It was great. You have my permission to post this on the website, without a doubt.

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