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“You Guys Resurrected the Case from the Dead.”

Richard Taub, Condominium Board President

What legal problem brought you to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

We had a complaint against the sponsor of our condo, who built the condo, serious extensive defects in construction, design and materials and we had a former attorney pursing a case in the Attorney General’s office and the case was dropped by the attorney, I mean seriously dropped the ball, and the attorney became scarce when the new board came on with me as president and we decided to terminate the services of a former attorney and seek new legal counsel.

Why did you choose Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Our building management company, Golden Management, we asked them for recommendations for law firms with real estate specialties and Adam Leitman Bailey was one of the firms listed. I did some Google searching and decided I liked what I read and called and spoke with Adam several times and met with him and we decided to retain Adam Leitman Bailey.

Who helped you and how?

I worked with an attorney at Adam Leitman Bailey P.C., a fantastic associate at the firm and she was wonderful, really moved heaven and earth. Initially she discovered that our case filed by a former attorney was actually closed, apparently our attorney never followed up with questions asked by the Attorney General’s office and they closed the case and in turn they never informed us of the status. You guys resurrected the case from the dead. The case had in fact been closed by the Attorney General’s office. ALB, P.C. used its connections and its expertise with the Attorney General’s office to get them to reconsider looking at our case and they agreed to reopen the case and ALB, P.C. pursued it vigorously to a very successful conclusion.

What was the result of the case?

The conclusion was we got the sponsor to agree to a financial settlement of the claim.

Were you satisfied with Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Adam Leitman Bailey is an incredibly professional and highly effective firm and I highly recommend their services to any condo or coop that needs effective representation. It’s a great law firm and I’m very happy we retained them.

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