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“Service with a Smile, He Really Is.”

Fikret Deljanin, Douglas Elliman Property Management

I would always recommend Adam for one major, major reason, I don’t know is it attorneys, but when you send an email or make a phone call, there’s somebody that picks up the phone and talks to you. If Adam’s not there, that phone call is being transferred to him on his cell phone. If there’s an email being sent to Adam, or anybody on the staff, there’s a response within three to four minutes. I’m doing this almost 19 years, the average wait time would be 8 hours, and I’m not kidding. Attorneys call you back because they are small operations, but Adam has such a developed staff here that there is, really, minimal downtime in waiting for a response. I could honestly be anywhere and say Adam will call me back in two seconds, or figuratively speaking two seconds, but in three minutes Adam’s calling, or somebody on his staff is calling. He called from Hong Kong, and I said: “Alright, now you’re going a little overboard, you don’t need to respond,” which was impressive. That’s a lot to say for an organization because we are a service industry; he is service with a smile, he really is, even though sometimes he may want to strangle me for it, but it’s good, he’s a good guy.

Adam’s staff, they’re relentless; they just keep harping and harping and harping, where I would have to say guys back off, you don’t want to upset them. It takes a particular skill to be a pain, and do it with a smile, and have that other person on the other side actually thank you for being a pain, so Adam’s guys, the crew here, they were something else.

I’m always constantly, I don’t know if I’m like, selling him or pitching him to other people, but when I speak to somebody about Adam, it’s from the heart, he really, really cares about his client, and it’s never with him is he billing you. I would have to call him occasionally and say: “When are you going to send an invoice for this?” So money is not the game for him. I think he takes a lot of pride in doing the right thing for his client, and being proactive and productive and producing quality. And he does deliver that, so does whole staff, they really do: from the receptionist going forward.

To date? Adam. Adam Leitman Bailey, hands down. And, I’ll be honest with you, when I first was introduced to Luna Park 2 years ago, like I said 19 years, I’ve dealt with a lot of attorneys, I wasn’t personally confident that Adam could handle Luna Park. I’ve sent him an email saying the opposite recently; I was wrong, I really was wrong. He handled it and then some. He proved me wrong, I appreciate that. And it’s hard for me to say I’m wrong, and I said it to him, so he should appreciate that too.

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