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“He came back from a vacation just to be on closing between Christmas and New Year’s Eve”

Benedetto Cico, Developer, Property owner of multi-family dwellings

Could you briefly explain the situation/problem that led you to seek legal help? You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with.

We had a very time of the essence closing with a deadline on New Year’s Eve of 2007 Adam Leitman Bailey firm and passed all the way up to five – almost five minutes to 5:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve closing of that year and they solved many concurrent issues related to family, to documentations and to title and everything worked out great so we could celebrate with a great closing.

How did you meet the firm?
We were referred to me by our Real Estate Agent who made a good point and I agreed with him. It was a great choice.

What were your first impressions of Adam Leitman Bailey, PC?

A great first impression is still a great impression.

In general, what did the firm do for you?

They did a great job in the preparation of every possible document necessary for the transaction. They prepared all the documents and they did a great coordination job with every involved party from the brokers and even with the seller. They were really very important in keeping the seller happy and safe all the way to the end.

Are there any last comments you would like to add?

No. We hope we have more deals and clearly we will keep dealing with the firm.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Yes, you do.

Thank you.

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