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“Adam proved that he was the most efficient pitbull and a great negotiator.” – Brian Owens, Restaurant Owner

Could you briefly explain the situation/problem that led you to seek legal help? You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with.

I have a restaurant called Crave Ceviche Bar in Midtown East. On March 15, 2007, a tower crane 16 stories high fell landed on our building and then crushed a building next door to us. After that, we found ourselves in a legal situation where we were not able to open the restaurant and we have a landlord who was trying to evict us. On top of that, we had issues with our insurance company and our coverage along with our liability lawsuit against who was responsible for the crane accident, whether it was the city, the crane company, contractors whoever was responsible. In the time after the crane hit, we found ourselves interviewing every top law firm in Manhattan. What led us to Adam Leitman Bailey was my commercial real estate broker. He told me that no matter what I had to speak to Adam and find time. We were spending…you know…days and days on meeting every firm trying to make a decision. We came here and not only did we like what Adam had to say but we felt that Adam’s firm was a “One Stop Shop” between all three cases that we had. We felt between Dov, on the landlord-tenant case, Colin for liability case and Adam to negotiate a new lease or keep us in our space. We had the best team possible.

Did you have to go to court?

They went to court for us on numerous times. I know that Adam went with a strategy. We were granted TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) twice where we didn’t think we were going to be able to get it …to stop the landlord from knocking on the building and the day we went to court was the day we settled the case.

In general, could you explain what Adam Leitman Bailey, PC did for you?

Not only did they handle every single case that we had, but in court against our landlord he had a strategy, he’s been through it before. He went in like a pit bull and you know just did a great job of negotiating a settlement for us and just did a great job all around.

Are there any last comments you would like to add?

My first impression of Adam…the first day I came in, Adam was a very energetic… very unique person. And, at first, we were meeting with a lot of different lawyers that are your standard traditional lawyers and Adam is not one of those. I don’t know what led us to come back to him… I mean we did our research…we spoke to people…we looked into everything. The other day, Adam proved that he was the most efficient pit bull and a great negotiator.

Thank you.

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