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“[They] Pushed Us into Really Making a Decision About How We Wanted to Proceed with This Case.”

What is your affiliation to 668 Riverside Drive?     

I am a new owner of property at 668, former tenant.

What did [Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.] do for you?

We hired Adam originally for both tenants and potential buyers. We had some major problems with the owners, Pinnacle Company…I forget the guys name…and Adam…we had a lot of problems with the building and we went to court for the tenants and Adam personally handled my settlement when I brought the property.

Were you happy with the settlement?                        

Very much so.

How was ALB, PC’s settlement strategies?     

Well, we took them to court. Obviously, there were a lot of problems with the building and I think a lot of the issues were fixed, not the major issues, but cosmetic kind of issues, and then we all received a major deduction in our purchase price.

How did you meet the firm?                        

A gal on the Steering Committee found Adam.

Who here at the firm did you work with?     

We worked with [redacted] with the closing. Carolyn was kind of our go to person in the beginning and we dealt with several gentlemen when we went to housing court on the tenants section.

What were your first impressions when you first came in?                       

Aggressive – – fast forward – – pushed us into really making a decision about how we wanted to proceed with this case. Maybe a little faster than we wanted to but it all worked out well.

Could you explain what you think the firm’s best qualities were in assisting to your needs?                       

The best qualities – we had—we were divided into two groups. We had tenants and we had potential buyers. So as tenants, we went to court and we tried to get a lot of things resolved in terms of fixing which the major issues were not addressed but the minor issues were addressed and then Adam handled my closing which was done very, very well and fast and also helped me get a mortgage company.

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to others?                        


Do we have your permission to post this testimonial on our website?                        

Yes you do.

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