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“They handled everything from the beginning with class, sensitivity, and attention to detail.”

Deborah Wan Liew, Tenant

We had a non-primary residence case against us with the landlord but we were highly recommended by one of our friends. My wife was accused of not living in her apartment. Our situation was that we had two primary residences and the law firm handled it beautifully. We went to trial and we had an outstanding team of lawyers behind us all the time including Dov Treiman, Chris Halligan, Carolyn and Emily of course. The team was great. They held our hands throughout the whole case. Chris was outstanding. He is like the Clint Eastwood of the courtroom. He is cool and made the other team…the other side look like amateurs. Dov was inspirational. His legal knowledge is genius. Adam … I can’t say anything enough about Adam’s encouragement, and confidence in the case making us feel always that we were in good hands. We were advised to stay within the reality of the situation. There was no legal interpretation…or it was just…the case against Debbie was a misinterpretation and the true circumstances needed to be revealed. Adam Leitman Bailey’s law firm did that and they did it beautifully. We got a dismissal with prejudice and it was delivered from the bench from Judge Halpern who was a very perceptive judge, quite fair and a hard working guy. I think they handled everything from the beginning with class, with sensitivity and with attention to detail and I don’t think we could have gone anywhere else. In New York City, they are the tops.

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