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“Our firm has been your client for nearly 2 years. During this time we have jointly fought and defended over 9 various types of Landlord Tenant cases.”

Dear ALB Team,

Our firm has been your client for nearly 2 years. During this time we have jointly fought and defended over 9 various types of Landlord Tenant cases. As a result of our joint efforts we have increased our building valuations by over $1,000,000 from our increased revenue streams.

We had one case in which a subtenant of a 96 year old rent controlled tenant, who was on her deathbed, alleged possessory rights to the apartment. Your office listened to our case facts, outlined all possible scenarios and the following day you had a legal team present at the hospital doing a video interview on her history at the apt and her relation to the subtenant. Your office also prepared a family tree that was accepted by NYC. Within 15 minutes of the judging listening to all the facts, he requested that the tenant withdraw his case and possibly incur significant liability in the event he lost. Your office’s strategic thought process, speed of execution, preparation prior to action and foresight ultimately lead to an overwhelming victory when we had our day in court.

In another case, the tenant of record died in the Dominican Republic and her daughter who lived in the Bronx moved into the unit. While we had all the necessary documentation to prove and win our cases, your team outlined the potential defenses the defendant may state that would delay our opportunity to regain possession. You successfully advised us on providing a nominal buyout amount for immediate possession of the apartment. Such advice was critical in saving resources and time, and eliminating litigation risk.

My third example was an eviction my office did not think was possible. The tenant of record was sick and elderly and had relatives recently move in to establish possessory rights. Your office devised a creative strategy, which we had never heard of before but now employ often, to set up a winning eviction proceeding. Additionally, we were advised to complete all needed repairs prior to commencing the case so as to eliminate possible defenses and with the help of your office we sent certified letters confirming the satisfactory condition of the apt. With minimal effort we reached a buyout figure. However, because we were missing the original lease, we could not use the longevity allowance in calculating the new rent. To solve this problem, your attorneys got the tenant to state her original move in date on the surrender agreement. This may prudent and useful in order to defend a future rent overcharge case.

Other law firms would provide the surrender agreement, however most do not think of these subtle details that may save us in the future.


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