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“They are very organized and good at following-up their cases” – E.V.

Can you explain what lead you to seek legal help?            

Problems with tenants.

In general, what did Adam Leitman Bailey, PC do for you?

They are very organized. Good at following-up their cases. Good at keeping me updated and the fact that we had cases where we…we had a little bit of hostility between us and the tenants so Adam and Jackie did a great job in negotiating on our behalf.

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that you had with your tenants which lead you to come here?

We have rent stabilized tenants. We run into normal problems, non-payment cases, lease problems, lease disagreements I should say, and we had a couple of tenants where we were looking to not renew their lease because we wanted to use it for personal use, for business use and they handled the case for us.

And who did you work with here at the firm?

Adam, Chris. When we had to go to court, Chris was there and he is an excellent representative to have in court with you. Jackie handled the non-renewal cases and Carolyn is my point of contact usually for follow-up on our cases and any questions that I may have.

I understand that you are involved in real estate so you are aware of how hard it is to evict a Rent Stabilized Tenant. How do you feel about Adam Leitman Bailey, PC’s plan of attack to evict the two rent stabilized tenants that you were having problems with?

Well, it worked. What Adam and Jackie did for me was to at least bring the tenants to a negotiating table by filing a non-renewal case and it’s a good upside to.

In order to keep negotiations open a lot of paperwork needs to be pushed through the DHCR in order to keep the actual application for non-renewal open. How do you feel about Jackie’s drafting skills which painted a good-faith picture of your application to DHCR in keeping the application open?

Very professional. She kept me updated on everything that was happening. She was very well aware of all the deadlines and kept me posted and made sure everything was filed properly on time and overall a great job.

How did you meet Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?              

I was referred by a friend.

And what were your first impressions?

Again, organized, professional and what I had heard of them was the fact that I could count on them being on my behalf to get the job done and to represent us well.

Did the firm keep you updated on the case status?             


Were copies of all documents prepared sent to you for your own records?


Were you pleased with the customer service aspect of the firm?


Does anything in particular stand out?

No. I have been very happy with the firm with Adam, with Carolyn, with Chris, with Jackie, everybody and let’s not forget Mary.

Could you explain what you think the firm’s best qualities were in assisting to your needs?

You can pick one.

Mainly, the fact that I don’t have to remember any of the deadlines or I don’t have to follow-up with them to make sure that they are doing their job properly.

Everybody does their job and they let me know what they are doing and they keep me updated.

Any last comments or suggestions you like to add before we finish?

I think I covered everything.

Do we have your permission to post this testimony on our website?


Thank you.

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