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“They Know the Scope of Their Work in Reference to Landlord-Tenant Cases”

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help?
You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with. I own a rent stabilized building in Brooklyn, New York and I had a tenant which vandalized the property and I had another tenant which was illegally subletting his unit and I had another tenant that was also vandalizing the building at some points.

How did you meet the firm?
I met the firm by following Mr. Christopher Halligan here.

What were your first impressions?
My first impressions were that the staff was very courtesy of this firm and the attorney would always answer their phones and pick up their phones. Also the atmosphere is very professional, knowledgeable and they know the scope of their work in reference to landlord-tenant cases.

What did ALB, PC do for you?
Adam Leitman Bailey was successful in winning all my cases starting from oral use to illegal subletting and also to buy-outs.

Did you ever have to go to trial?          

I did.

What happened in those trials?
I was successful at all the trials with Adam Leitman Bailey.

So overall you would say they were all successful?
Every single one of them. I will not change this firm with any other firm in all of the New York City area. I would recommend the firm to all of my friends and colleagues. This is one firm that knows what they are doing. I have tried other firms in the past and was not successful as I was with this firm

Are there any last comments you would like to add?
Yes that Mr. Christopher Halligan, which is one of the attorneys here at the firm is very efficient, knowledgeable, is excellent at trials and from my experience he has won every single case that I have given him and also that my friends and colleagues have given him.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Yes you do.

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