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“Not one person got fired, and nobody lost a paycheck, not a penny, ever, through all of COVID…”

“My name is Jeffrey Metz and I’m a partner at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. and I’ve been a partner here since January of 2009.

February, uh, when it’s you know people started getting the idea that something really serious was happening and I’d say by the beginning of March everything was shut down and people were all in their houses, you know, just hoping that the world wasn’t gonna end. I mean it seemed so dire, you know, the way that they had it. 

Life went on and certainly, the legal world went on so we all had to sort of really pivot quickly towards working from home and making court appearances. Actually,  at the beginning you had to seek permission to actually make a court appearance because it was, you know, everything was done on such an emergency basis and, you know, an enormous amount of money was being lost by things being closed down and being unable to process cases and go to court and things of that nature. Really what made this place, or made what Adam did or, at least, in my mind really special is that while many law firms just wholesale laid off attorneys or furloughed their pay or cut their pay, um, I know here not one person got fired, and nobody lost a paycheck, not a penny, ever, through all of COVID, which I thought was really, um, really, an upstanding job on his part. I had some friends who were, first they were on three-quarter pay, then half pay for a while and there was just, you know, some of our competitors who will remain nameless, uh, they just let attorneys go because they didn’t think that there was sufficient work for them and they didn’t treat them like a family, which is sort of more that kind of atmosphere here. Adam was tolerant of the different changes in circumstances here. You know, I remember I had to come in one time to get a laptop so I could hook up to the cloud from from here and, you know, I walked in here and the place was absolutely deserted but he was there, actually. Going down with the ship, I guess, but he he never left. And we made it through and I think we did a great job of it actually. I’ve been here, um, since January of 2009 so 14 years I guess I’m coming up. There’s always been a nice kind of camaraderie here among the staff. Everybody’s very, at least to me, they’ve been very helpful, and the attorneys are very collegiate and we’ve always had a good scholarship here. I really think that the product we put out is really top-notch and it’s exciting. I mean the kind of cases we’re involved in is very exciting, at least for me. We go up against some very fancy law firms and we certainly hold our own very well so that’s it.”

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