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‘No Other Attorney Would’ve Gotten the Results That [Adam Leitman Bailey] Got.”

Hi, my name is Robert Stanton and I have known Adam Leitman Bailey for seven years. I lived for 18 years on the Upper West Side in a rent stabilized apartment, a rent stabilized apartment I had a lease that only increased by a certain by a percentage that was set by the city every two years.  And it enabled me a freelancing performing artist to live affordably in Manhattan which is something that is an increasingly difficult to do. My land lord who owns the property was developing it. He wanted to get rent stabilized tenants out of the building and re-model all the apartments and rent them for higher rents. This is business, but there is a natural conflict there. One day a knock came on my door, the manager of the building, knocked on my door and said the windows in your apartment, facing the back wall are pretty much along the lot line of the building. When the building was built in 1910 or 1894, we had a disagreement about that.

Therefore, in order to be up to code in New York City we are going to have to break up your windows so we are going to move you to another apartment that’s in the back end of the building. We are going to come in, break up these windows, it’s going to give you a lot of light, and you will be getting and new kitchen. It will still be a studio apartment basically like a hallway with one dark window at the end on a fire escape. I instinctively knew or felt that if I moved to another apartment I would probably lose my rights as a rent stabilized tenant because I would have left the apartment I was in. So I called Adam, and asked him what do I do? He said, ask them to see if they have legal documents proving the windows are on the lot lines, so I asked that question, and was met with silence. So I said the issue of remodeling my apartment was off the table. The landlord and I later came to the agreement and I willingly surrendered the lease. The agreement we reached was amicable.

Thanks to the agreement I was able to help my elderly parents. There was a period of time I was not able to work because they needed my help and I needed to be available to them. Over the past two years of their lives I was able to be there. Its thanks to the advice and support of Adam, who actually wrote, if I recall only one email to my land lord’s manager, that’s all it took.

I am going to tell you a story about Adam.

When Adam was in high school he was in an auto mobile accident, he was a track star and went through a windshield, I believe he was on the passengers side. The doctors said he would not be able to walk. He suffered a head injury. He finished high school, and he finished high school as a track star when he races. This tells you something about Adams character, about his strength, about his compassion, about his ability to put himself in someone else’s shoes, about his willingness to fight for someone who is fighting with reason and his ability and determination to get result’s.  He took me under his wing. Like the Islamic cultural center at ground zero. I was a case that he felt he would give his protection to and his fine mind and his advocacy.  I can’t express enough my gratitude for Adam or my positive experiences with Adam.

I have recommended him to friends in similar situations or worse situations than what I was in. He is an incredibly creative, strong advocate for them. If I were a lawyer, I would not like to face him off in the court room. He is a tiger, but he also has a tiger’s heart.

Adam is younger than I am but being represented by Adam was like being under the protection of a benevolent uncle who would do anything to protect me and could do anything to protect me. Adam taught me a great thing about negotiation, he basically gave me a piece of advice. Standing invisibly behind me, whispering in my ear, set your number and don’t back away from your number. So, I waited and I waited and I waited. It was a game of poker. My land lord’s agent when he came within a significant amount of my number, I mean very close, but it wasn’t the number, he said “your tough”. I was tough, thanks to Adams advice.

I’m a New York City guy, I’m a subway actor a Broadway actor, I’ve done over 20 shows on all Broadway contracts, I’ve worked about 7 times on Broadway, I’ve made about 20 films, I made a lot of commercials when I was a young man. My income is widely variable, I can have great years, I can have years that are fallow. So, finding an affordable place to live and protecting that affordable place to live is the up most importance. I believe that Adam understood that instinctively. Being a freelance performing artist means my work can last 6 months, 1 year, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. It means that when my parents needed me in an emergency, I could drop out of something, honorable of my commitments. There are times when your commitment to your family is the most important commitment you can have. People understand that, people have families. That means there are times when I had to drop out of the workforce and if I had not reached the agreement that we reached. I would not have been able to do it. Yes, it meant that for months at a time I had to live of savings. It’s something that the time, that I have with my parents is something that I cannot repay.

This all happened at the same time. I moved out of my apartment right at the time when my mother fell ill. I was looking for a new place to live when I was shooting a movie. I can’t imagine the timing of all this couldn’t have been better in my life. I don’t believe in magic, I don’t believe in fate through share coincidence and good fortune the opportunity to meet Adam came to me. No other attorney would have gotten the results he got. No other attorney would have represented me with the generosity, the skill the creativity, the elegance and light touch that he did. I don’t think any other attorney would have answered my emails, phone calls, my texts within the space of a few hours. This is a very busy many, this is one of the best real estate attorney’s in New York City. This man beat Donald Trump.  This man took all my calls and had an answer for me right away and it was always the right answer and always the best answer.

Occam’s Razor exits in Adams Mind. I would definitely recommend Adam Leitman Bailey in the future, I have recommended Adam Leitman Bailey in the past, he is currently representing friends of mine right now.

If you were in the position I was in, I would definitely use the services of Adam Leitman Bailey and his team.

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