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“My experience with Mr. Bailey was that of dealing with a savvy no nonsense professional…”

Several months ago, I had to go to court to evict a tenant. I own a very small building and had little or no experience in such matters. Nevertheless, or rather because of this, I took things into my own hands in preparing the necessary documents and having them served on the tenant. Unfortunately for me, the tenant was a ” professional rent dodger”. Thus after a number of appearances in court, it was apparent that I was getting nowhere with the tenant-sympathetic judge. I asked a court official “Why”? and he told me off the record that I had best seek a good experienced lawyer as the courts were stacked against me. He explained that everything – even the most inconsequential document – had to be correct to the letter.

I asked an acquaintance of mine who is a lawyer (in another field of law) and he, after doing some research, recommended the law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey. I meet with Mr. Bailey and soon thereafter we attended court. At the first session the tenant tried to stall and do her customary evasive tricks, but Mr. Bailey would have none of it, as he as able to cut through the mumbo jumbo. In spite of that the court still granted her a one time only stay. At the next court session the tenant was told that she had to go! Nevertheless, she insisted in staying. I was greatly relieved when later that month a marshal escorted her out of the building. It was a happy day for me, as her very presence had been a blight.

My experience with Mr. Bailey was that of dealing with a savvy no nonsense professional. He was present when needed and he returned telephone calls promptly! Most important, he got the required results quickly. Two adages come to mind that best sum it up. The law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey is “Not the cheapest, just the best!” and as we New Yorkers know, “You get what you pay for!” Well done and thank you again.

Signed: Relieved Landlord

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