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“Be prepared to take on a meaningful role here as you are given a lot of responsibility.”

I started here as a legal extern in Jan. of 2018 and I stayed on a summer associate, so I have been here for about six months, and I go to Cardozo Law School.

What I enjoy most about the firm is that I’ve had an opportunity to work with almost every attorney here so I’ve been able to work in almost every department – I’ve been able to go to court with attorneys, I’ve been given real responsibilities.

Each day here is always unique. Even when two cases seem similar, or I’m given an assignment that I feel I have done something similar too, the attorneys always direct me to catch the nuances in each assignment. They really focus on the client’s needs, and what sets this clients issues apart from the previous client. You can tell that every attorney here really cares about what the client expects out of them.

I think what makes Adam Leitman Bailey unique is that the attorneys here have a great age difference. I think you can learn a lot from experience but you could also learn a lot from the new attorneys who come in in similar shoes as you. Everyone cares about you growing as an attorney whether or not you are going to fulfill your career here or elsewhere.

So since starting here, I’ve worked on summary judgment motions, orders to show cause, I’ve written stipulation, I’ve worked one on one with clients, I’ve attended court proceedings, I’ve really gotten hands-on experience and I feel I’ve been given a lot of responsibility here. You can tell the attorneys really care about the work product and I think something that’s extremely valuable is that I’m always given back feedback. Regardless of the assignment, regardless of how small the feedback is you can tell the attorneys want you to grow.

My proudest accomplishment I would say, I wrote a summary judgment motion that I wasn’t sure about the minute legal issues in it. I was given a lot of guidance, but I was also given a lot of range to see what else I would like to include in it. I had given it to an attorney and they told me they had made three minor changes.

I would say I would tell other interns/externs to always ask questions to the attorneys. They want to help you and be prepared to take on a very meaningful role here as you’re given a lot of responsibility.

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