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“It was really cool to see that something I drafted could be an actual law.” – Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Externship Testimonial

My name is Lindsay Hess, I am a litigation extern with the firm. I’ve been here since May 28th so I’ve been here a little over 2 months. My day to day work is generally researching, or helping draft motions, or notices or anything of that sort.

What I enjoyed most about the firm is the people I work with. Everyone has been so kind and everyone is always willing to answer any questions I have. In terms of the work I really like doing actual legal work versus doing law school work as its not effecting anybody in real life, but here it is and that is something that I really enjoy.

My proudest accomplishment is that the law and order form I drafted for a case actually was signed by a judge the other week so I was really proud and it was really cool to see that something I drafted could be an actual law.

I think what makes this firm unique is that it is so specialized in real estate. There are so many more aspects of real estate than I thought there were before and its really unique that this firm only does real estate and is able to delve into these issues way more than other firms who don’t specialize in real estate.

The best advice that I can give someone looking to join the firm is to be proactive, to really put yourself out there and also not be afraid to take advantage of the attorneys here because they have such great experience and they’re always happy to answer any questions and give any advice you need.

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