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“Really Helped Me Present My Case in a Very Articulate, Forceful, Persuasive Way. and We Won!”

I am a landlord. We are a small company and we find that very often the circumstances that we are presented with are those that make it very difficult for us to deal with on an equal footing on a level plain field sometimes that some of these tenants disputes and tenant legal problem we have. When I worked with Chris and Carolyn the really exciting part of being with them is I felt that I, as a small landlord and owner of a small number of units, had somebody that really helped me present my case in a very articulate, forceful, persuasive way and it turns out we won!” It turns out that the case we had involved succession rights situation where the son of a rent controlled tenant paid the magnificent amount of $78.00 per month for an apartment that the market value for which was around $1,700.00 claiming succession rights. I knew that going into it that there was going to be a lot of sentiment favoring that person although the burden of proof was with the tenant and I know that I had to prove my case and that’s how the team of the law firm was helpful to me.

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