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L.K. Summer Associate Testimonial

A: I am Lauren, I am from Washington D.C.

Q: Where are you studying?

A: George Washington University Law School.

Q: And what are your goals otherwise?

A: Right now I would like to work for a law firm and do general litigation work.

Q: Did you get the experience you wanted at this firm?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What exactly was your role?

A: I was a litigation summer associate so I helped the litigation department with research and writing.

Q: What practice areas did you get exposed to?

A: I did a lot of work with condo and coop, and the general litigation group.

Q: Can you tell us more about what your experience was like?

A: I was doing a lot of research and writing for the attorneys when they were drafting memos or drafting motions to be filed with the court. So it was a really good experience to learn how to draft a motion.

Q: How did the firm help you with the tasks?

A: The attorneys were really great in giving a good direction and whenever I had any questions I was more than welcome to reach out to them and ask those questions.

Q: Is there anything that you liked the most, any specific tasks?

A: I really liked drafting motions. I was given the opportunity to draft one by myself and thought it was a great experience.

Q: Did you get to work with Adam directly?

A: Absolutely. He always checked on us periodically and we helped research on an article he had written.

Q: Do you have a most memorable moment at ALB?

A: Definitely writing my own motion and getting to file it with the court. That was a really great opportunity to start essentially from scratch and get to write it from scratch.

Q: What would you say is something that you have learned really well?

A: Definitely my research skills, actually really getting into the case law and distinguish from the other cases. I really got the detail grasp. That skillset I definitely improved.

Q: Is there something you did here that will help you practice law?

A: I got to a court one time and that was really interesting. I really liked my research assignment going into a motion or hearing, I often got to attend the hearing and that was always an experience that you don’t always get in all internships.

Q: Do you have any comments towards future interns that they can use?

A: Definitely to apply and be ready to work hard.

Q: So overall you had a great experience?

A: Yes.


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