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Keeping Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. As Counsel Becomes Selling Point For Board Candidates

Every year [redacted]  has a big event, the Annual Election Campaign, in which two teams vie for the votes of shareholders by butting heads like deer. Wouldn’t it be better if we were to eliminate the belligerence of the teams by uniting them and focusing solely on electing the best candidates for [redacted].

Keeping in mind the observation of the shareholders during the meeting with the candidates; we should limit the Board of Director’s time in office to two terms, so that we can give the opportunity for fresher candidates to conscientiously work for [redacted]. It is very important as well to keep dedicated professionals. One of them is corporate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey.

During his several years of work for [redacted], Adam Bailey, Super Lawyer of New York City successfully has achieved: enforced the Local Law 11 project, which was not completed since 2000. Based on petition of shareholders Adam Bailey and the Board of Directors 2007 initiated the successful negotiation that resulted in $21 million of government aid for [redacted]. Recently he completed an investigation, in which he found 22 apartments were illegally subletting. He did not even charge [redacted] for the process of evicting the illegal tenants. Thus Adam Bailey proved that his Law firm is efficient and less expensive, but the majority of the current Board is not satisfied.

By electing these 5 candidates:

[redacted] #4, [redacted] #6, [redacted] #7, [redacted] #8, [redacted] #9

We will keep the continual service of our corporate lawyer Adam Bailey and other professionals to concentrate on saving your money and clean environment.


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